Thursday, June 24, 2010

The 2 Minute Guide For Tourist Activities In Algarve

It you’re looking to book a European holiday, take a moment to consider Algarve, and what is has to offer for the tourist.
The region of Algarve is the southernmost portion of Portugal. This gorgeous piece of land offers crystal clear waters, clear blue skies, whitewashed houses and gorgeous golden beaches bordered by the warm Atlantic [...]

Algarve Beaches – A Beach Bum’s Guide

As you would expect from a popular tourist destination bordering the coast of the beautiful Atlantic ocean, Algarve beaches can be quite stunning.
Every year, over 400,000 tourists come to this region of southern Portugal to enjoy the beautiful crystal clear waters, clear blue skies and amazing golden beaches.
Algarve is home to hundreds of beaches. In [...]

What To See In Algarve

Wondering what to see in Algarve? Well, you’re in the right spot, because you’re about to find out!
Algarve, the southernmost region of Portugal is one of the top tourist destinations in Europe.
Bordered by the Atlantic Ocean, the crystal clear waves, gorgeous golden beaches, clear blue skies, warm water and quaint villages beckon tourists from all [...]

What Every Tourist Should Know About The Culture And Traditions of Algarve

June 12, 2010 by Travel Guide Algarve  
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If you are looking to find out about the culture and tradition of Algarve, the best thing you can do is plan a vacation to experience it firsthand.
However, I’m going to do my best in this short little guide to pull back the curtains over the culture and traditions in Algarve in the next few [...]